Policing mobility

Airpoint is focused on bringing critical core systems together in a single application accessible via Mobile and Desktop. Our solution has been designed to remove both paper-based processes and control room reliant information by surfacing critical information to the hands of the Officer improving efficiencies, data quality, costs and public engagement.

Document Authentication

Airpoint has integrated market leading technology to provide on-device document authentication against varied document types analysing the validity of MRZ & Chipped Documents. This allows for informed policing decisions to be made and drive further enforcement actions and processes.

Our document authentication solution can also be used in a commercial 'know your customer' environment. 


Airpoint has integrated the leading biometric technologies into our mobile solution to deliver certain identification at the point of need.  Airpoint's biometric fingerprint solution allows the capture of multiple prints through both contact peripherals and contactless technologies, which allows searching against multiple back end databases to identify individuals as well as enrolment capabilities.

Context based information

Advances in Airpoint technology allow forward thinking organisations to manage the information that can be automatically pushed to officers and partner agencies.  Context is defined primarily by role and location, but many other factors can be added to enrich and refine the user Context. Partner agencies can also subscribe to content making Airpoint the perfect
collaboration tool.