Facilitating operational presence and efficiencies through mobilising critical core systems.

Airpoint’s new policing application is a game changer in the way that front line police officers capture and process data.  No longer will data have to be manually written into paper pocket notebooks then transcribed into forms and then re-entered back at the police station in the record management system.


Data is captured once within the context of an investigation, processed within the mobile application and automatically created or updated within the record management system.  The revolutionary application is a “one stop shop” for all front-line investigation recording, searching and record management system updating.

Data is captured through multiple capture methods including biometrics, document reading or manual entry and added to an investigation.  The captured data can be searched and matched against one or more policing database systems.  The records can be augmented with updated details which will automatically be reflected in the records stored in the record management system.  Entities which do not currently exist in record management system will be created if they meet the required standard of data quality.

Form processes can be completed within the context of an investigation and entity data can be reused into the form saving the officer time and ensuring data quality.

Entities can be linked together as family members or associates.  They can also be classified within the investigation with classifications such as the victim, suspect or witness.

Complete processes, entities and linked relationships and classifications can be automatically updated on the record management system.

Airpoint’s policing application improves data quality of the entities in the record management system by only creating new entities when required and updating existing entities when updated information is captured.

Key Integrated Systems:

  • PNC

  • HOB - BSG

  • Niche RMS

  • Northgate Athena / Connect

  • Storm Command & Control

  • SinglePoint Gazetteer

Example Processes:

  • DASH

  • Intel Submission

  • Statements

  • Victim Witness Contact Management

  • MO

  • MisPer

  • Stop and Search

Major benefits of the system are:

  • Elimination of double and triple keying

  • Elimination of paper pocket notebooks

  • Elimination of paper forms

  • Improved data quality

  • More efficient policing

  • More officer time spent on the front line