Context Based Information

The Airpoint module provides a new generation of digital policing for frontline officers. The application dynamically pin points where the officer is on the map, recognises what beat area the officer is located in and automatically delivers all information relevant to that beat area without a single click from the officer.

The information pushed to the officer includes various “items of interest” such as recent incidents, vulnerable people and repeat offenders. The force can define the information they wish to be shared with officers, all that needs to be available is a postcode or location linked to the information.

Information that is sent to the officer can be user and role defined to meet specific employee needs and workload. The solution can also be controlled by the user allowing filtering of information within the application so they can concentrate on specific criteria.

Another key feature of the solution is when a briefing or other task related notification is selected; the application will automatically display all tasks, briefings and assigned incidents in which the user has been assigned. This collection of data can be linked to national systems such as PNC and local systems such as Niche RMS and Connect.

Airpoint's context based information solution provided the following key features:

  • Automatic push of Briefing information through mapped geo-fencing.

  • Viewing active command & control incidents on an interactive map.

  • Displaying key 'areas of interest' 

  • Tasking & assigned incidents displayed in map and list formats.