Biometrics - Fingerprint Capture

Airpoints biometric solutions provide officers with secure access to both

policing and immigration fingerprint databases, allowing for the identification of individuals whilst out in the field.

We provide two methods with which to capture fingerprints; the first being via a connected fingerprint capture device, the second being a contactless method.

The contactless method allows for fingerprints to be captured via a mobile device camera, negating the need for the secondary piece of hardware. Contactless also allows the capture of latent prints and also supports the user when in difficult situations where they need to capture a print for example identifying a deceased body.  The contactless solution has been approved for use by DSTL but is awaiting Home Office guidance and authorisation for use against the Biometric Services Gateway.

The Airpoint biometric solution offers an end to end fingerprint capture and search which presents results to front line officers in just a few seconds.  The solution allows officers to perform searches against the Home Office police (IDent1) and immigration (IABS) fingerprint databases.  The backend database systems can be searched jointly or independently from a single set of fingerprint scans at the officer’s discretion.  The searching of the police and immigration fingerprint database is achieved by the integration of the Airpoint software with the Home Office Biometrics Gateway Service (BSG).

Once a biometrics match has been returned to the officer’s Airpoint device, the data can be reused to search against data systems such as PNC and local record management systems.

The Airpoint biometric solution has been successfully rolled out to a number of police forces and is proving to be a highly value product feature which is bringing timesaving and other benefit to frontline officers.  

The Airpoint biometrics solution has been used in a variety of scenarios such as identifying people who are suspected of road traffic offences to identifying a deceased body without ID documentation.